1. Stance and Grip:

    • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, toes pointing forward.
    • Ensure a secure grip on the mace, with elbows tucked in.
  2. Initiate the Movement:

    • If the right hand is on top, cast the mace over the left shoulder.
    • Keep triceps in full flexion during the movement.
  3. Catch and Switch:

    • As the mace reaches the other side, let the bottom hand slide down towards the mace head.
    • Catch the steel mace in the other hand, resembling a switch curl position.
  4. Repeat on the Other Side:

    • Cast the mace back over the opposite shoulder.
    • Alternate between shoulders, performing the 360-degree movement.
  5. Maintain Core Stability:

    • Engage your core to stabilize the trunk, especially when unilaterally loaded.
    • Keep the torso vertical throughout the exercise.