This exercise is called the steel clubbell side snatch, it’s essentially the same movement as a normal sagittal plane snatch, the only difference is we’re going to be moving the clubbell in that frontal plane.

One of the great thing about steel club training is that it’s a true multi-planar exercise, so many of the exercises that you can perform in the sagittal plane (linear), you can also perform in the frontal plane (laterally).


  • Start in order position with the shoulder down and packed, the elbow tucked into the ribs and the wrist in a neutral position.
  • Cast the club away from the center line, shifting your weight to the opposite leg.
  • Achieve full arm lock, keeping the shoulder packed and retracted.
  • Move into the bottom of the lateral swing position.
  • Drive hips forward and across to the center line to power the club back up.
  • Perform a full circle motion and catch the club in the torch position.
  • Transfer weight onto the opposite side as the steel club moves across the body.
  • Snap hips forward to drive the clubbell back up.
  • Maintain eye contact with the club throughout the motion.
  • Bring the arm as close to the ear as possible and slightly rotate the thoracic spine.