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Steel club single leg deadlifts can either be performed with the clubs by your side, on your shoulders or in the order position. It’s an excellent unilateral exercise that will help build stability and functional balance. The movement requires the lower leg, pelvis and trunk to stabilise in an unstable loading environment.

Teaching Points (order position)

  1. Start with the club/s in the order position.
  2. If you’re standing on your right leg, internally rotate the left foot then initiate the hinge by lifting the left foot of the floor and driving it back behind you.
  3. Keep the knee on your standing leg soft and keep your left foot internally rotated, this will help to keep your hips closed throughout the movement.
  4. Continue to elevate the back foot until you find a stretch on your standing leg.
  5. Return to the starting position by driving your back foot down towards the floor.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Opening the hips and allowing the back foot to externally rotate.

Correction: Keep the back foot internally rotated throughout the exercise.