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Once you’ve mastered the different striking movements you can add them to lunges and squats to target the legs and make the movements more challenging. For this demonstration, I’m performing the steel mace forward lunge spear strike.

Teaching Points

  1. Start in a mixed grip with the hand closest to the mace head facing up and the other hand facing down.
  2. Rotate the mace round to the side of the body with the mace head to the front.
  3. Keep the chest proud and shoulders packed down throughout.
  4. If the mace is on the right side of your body, step forward with the left leg.
  5. Take a large step forward, drop the back knee towards the floor and shoot the mace forwards.
  6. At the end position lock out the front arm and actively pull with the back hand like you’re trying to rip the mace in half.
  7. Drive down through the front heel, squeeze through the front glutes and return to the standing position.

Common Problems & Solutions

Error: Allowing the front knee to move pass the front toe at the bottom of the lunge.
Correction: Fold the back knee and drop the hips down, keep the torso vertical and don’t lean forward.