The steel club single mill is a traditional club exercise and is fantastic for building shoulder strength and mobility. Mills increase athletic performance for so many sports that require striking, throwing and punching. If you need to develop circular shoulder strength, nothing beats the steel club mill.

Single Mill Prep Movement #1 – (Top Circle)

The mill is essentially two circles. The 1st circle is at the top of the movement with the elbow. The 2nd mill at the bottom of the movement during swing. The best way to practice is with a really light club or another light object like a water bottle. The goal of this drill is to groove the path and focus on moving the club with the elbow rather than with the wrist, the hand and wrist just hold onto the club.

Single Mill Prep Movement #2 – (Bottom Circle)

Now it’s time to combine the inside elbow circle 1st circle with the 2nd circle. The 2nd circle is essentially comprised of 3 parts; (1) The cast (2) The swing (3) The sword in sheath.

Teaching Points

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and toes pointing forward.
  2. Keep your core tight, and your quads and glutes activated.
  3. Begin with the club in the order position.
  4. Cast the club across the front of the body and let the club swing a full 180 degrees.
  5. As the club passes the midline of the body, charge your weight in the opposite direction to counter the weight.
  6. When the club does reaches shoulder height, pull the club towards the body and point the club muzzle towards your ‘back pocket’ (like you’re throwing an object).
  7. Draw an inward circle with the elbow and repeat the movement.

Common Problems & Solutions
Error: Allowing the elbow to flail out when flexing the elbow at the top position before casting the club away.
Correction: Keep your elbow in alignment with your torso.