The Steel Mace Order Squat introduces a dynamic variation of the traditional squat, incorporating a technique known as the deck squat.

This exercise places a unique emphasis on quad engagement by bringing the feet closer together. As the proximity of the feet increases, the challenge intensifies, targeting the quads with precision.

Additionally, the use of a heavy steel mace introduces an element of unilateral loading, demanding increased stability from the torso.

In this introduction, we’ll explore the key cues for performing the Steel Mace Order Squat effectively, understanding the nuances that contribute to its effectiveness in building strength and stability.

Exercise Cues:

  1. Foot Placement and Quad Emphasis:

    • Position your feet closer together, stacked under the hips or even narrower.
    • A narrower stance intensifies quad engagement, making it a primary focus of the exercise.
  2. Weight Loading and Unilateral Challenge:

    • If using a heavy steel mace, hold it at the end of the handle for increased difficulty.
    • The unilateral loading of the mace pulls the body into lateral flexion, demanding heightened torso stabilisation.
  3. Squat Technique:

    • Initiate the squat by driving hips down and back.
    • Maintain a straight line between the crown of your head and the coccyx.
    • Keep the torso facing forward throughout the movement.
  4. Adjustable Leverage:

    • Choke up on the handle if needed to reduce leverage, making the exercise slightly easier.
    • Finding the right balance between difficulty and control is crucial for effective execution.
  5. Bottom Position and Extension:

    • Reach a low squat position, aiming for parallel thighs with the floor.
    • Keep the elbow close to the hip to maintain control.
    • Squeeze through the glutes and drive down through the heels to come back into a full extension at the top.