The steel mace switch stack press is excellent for building shoulder, arm, and core strength. The offset loads add an increased level of difficulty, forcing the trunk to stabilize the unilateral load of the mace.

This exercise can be done for reps, time, or within a flow… Enjoy!


  1. Starting Position (Rack Position):
    • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Toes pointing forward.
    • Hands on the navel, elbows tucked in, shoulders down, and chest up.
  2. Movement Steps:
    • Remove the bottom hand from the rack position.
    • Point fingers away from the mace head and bring the hand into the front stack position.
    • Perform a shoulder press, extending the mace overhead with a full arm lock.
    • Draw back from the lats and elbows, squeezing through the shoulder blades to return to the front stack position.
    • Cast the mace head back up and switch hands for the next repetition.
  3. Variations:
    • Consider using an offset grip by holding the mace halfway on the handle for added challenge.
    • Experiment with different hand positions, such as sliding one hand down and the other up or keeping one hand close to the mace head.
  4. Focus Muscle Groups:
    • Emphasis on shoulder muscles, with additional engagement of the lateral flexors and torso, especially with the offset grip.