Cameron Diaz is now in her 40’s, but she is still, an incredible beauty. She stays in shape unlike any other, and countless women would like to know how she got a rockin’ body. Lately, she sealed a deal to write a book, regarding health and wellness, which will include her fitness and diet tips. Let us take a look at what we discovered regarding her secrets on how she looks so sexy and beautiful than she was on her 20’s.

Cameron Diaz on her latest film, 'The Counselor' Photo Credit:

Cameron Diaz on her latest film, ‘The Counselor’
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Check out how Cameron Diaz stays fit:

Cameron Diaz’s Workout Routine

Cameron trains along with her trainer, Teddy Bass.  Before her movie ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ her body isn’t as good as today.  It‘s not that she was fat.  As a model, she was tall and thin.  She hasn’t worked out.  Her body transformation quest began around ten years ago, because of the three-month martial arts training she experienced for the movie ‘Charlie’s Angels.’  Her body transformed from slim to toned, and she has developed an excellent muscular endurance and level of anaerobic fitness.  She noticed that she is much healthier and stronger after exercising.  After that, she never looks back and keeps on her training.  These days, she has a well-organized weight training and cardio program, and she devotes around an hour each day to workout.

Cameron also likes outdoor activities.  She’s an avid snowboarder and surfer.  She plays golf and hikes, as well. Outdoor activities are exciting, making her love doing her activities regularly. Those activities are not great calorie-burners, but also function as great options to provide Cameron a break from her indoor workouts.

If you want her nicely toned legs, these leg workouts are what she really does:

  • Leg curls
  • Leg extensions
  • Lunge, steps up and reverse lunge using medicine ball
  • Leg presses
  • Squats with the use of dumbbells

If you envy Cameron’s sexy abs, you’ll have to do cardio exercise much like her – no less than 30 minutes hour every session, three to five times per week, to burn the fat so that the definition of your abs is apparent.  She enjoys doing her cardio on a treadmill, elliptical machine, and fitness bike to ensure that her body doesn’t adapt to just a single cardiovascular routine. She loves elliptical machine probably the most.  Why?  It is because it helps her to shrink her abs to be able to stay upright.

Cameron Diaz’s Diet Regime

Cameron usually eats five to six small foods each day. She doesn’t skip breakfast, and she consumes high-protein foods such as skinless chicken breast for breakfast. At the time she’ll be out surfing, she usually eats garlic ice with eggs and broccoli as well to provide her body lots of energy.  Taking in protein early morning is a pretty smart weight management approach.  It can make her feeling full and less inclined to binge on unhealthy foods. She also indulged in protein shakes, salads, lean beef or chicken, fruits, some nuts, seafood, etc.

Furthermore, Cameron revealed that she consumes junk foods moderately from time to time.  She doesn’t wish to feel totally deprived, so she lets herself bask in food that she likes once in a while.  As long as she doesn’t munch on it often, this little splurge won’t sidetrack her hard work to keep slim.

Watch the video from PopSugar Fitness on how Cameron Diaz stays in shape.

How Cameron Diaz Stays Bikini Ready All Year 

Though Cameron Diaz is in her 40’s today, she still looks amazing. For her, it isn’t just her looks which makes her attractive, but her radiance that comes from within. It is also partly because of a healthy sex life and on enjoying what she really loves.  You can also get fit or stay in shape with the right routine but do not forget to follow your dreams too, in order to achieve that healthy glow.

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