Compound exercises are a vital element of an effective and complete strength training program. These are the type of exercises that work out the body at extreme intensity levels and are the cause of huge gains in strength and muscle mass. As a matter of fact, research has shown that these exercises are the reason for the huge increase in muscle growth and strength.

A compound exercise is the one that demands numerous different groups of muscles from various body parts to function all at once. There are lots of various forms of efficient multi-joint exercises you can use. The most common and among the best exercises are the bench press and squat. Some excellent exercises are the pull-ups and the clean and press.

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Compound Exercise: Bench Press
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Compound exercises work extremely well in any strength training program; even so, they’re much better done at the beginning of a workout session. This is caused by the enormous energy requirements of the exercises as well as the buildup of lactic acid.

An amazing side effect of these exercises is that they burn lots of calories. This will help you get rid of fat very quickly. Since you cannot change fat to muscles, the combined fat burning, and mass building properties of compound exercises makes it feel as if your fat is transforming into muscle.

If you don’t have enough time or you want to combine your program, compound exercise offers a great workout alone. It provides you with a full body workout. Synchronization among the muscles is coordinated resulting in improved overall muscle strength. This is usually a requirement for the reason that if a multi-joint exercise is combined with multiple areas and muscles of the body involved, a much better synergy level is formed between the muscles. Getting the muscles to synchronize together is a great way to enhance overall muscle strength and assure optimum size and strength gains are attained.

Having stronger muscles isn’t just the only thing that may be caused by these exercises in a strength training program. You can also have a good cardio workout, at the same time. This is certainly due to the greater intensity level that is required while performing these exercises. Your heart rate will increase during and after the workout as your body recuperates and re-builds on its own after a rigorous workout.

Here’s a video of some compound exercises that you can do to work your whole body.

Compound Exercise Weight Training Workouts

In general, it is essential to incorporate compound exercises in your strength training program. These types of exercises work out numerous muscles at the same time giving the high intensity levels required for burning fat and gaining muscle. However, a lot of people do not incorporate these exercises as they are challenging on the body and mind. Nevertheless, there is absolutely no reason not to incorporate compound exercises in your fitness regimen today.

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