Apparently, when it comes to dieting, everybody boasts that they’ve got a secret to share with of how they exercise, diet or shape up the body that they have today. Considering the fact that celebrities are among the most visible individuals around the world, a lot of individuals often listen to the things they say and try to follow their each move. When a celebrity promotes a new diet or weight loss products, most likely many people will flock to buy the product or start the new fad diet.

Often, following the diet advice of celebrities is just like any other exercise or diet program; some works well for other while others don’t. Just because your favorite celebrity claims to have shed some pounds by doing this and that, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll automatically carry out the same. Celebrities are just like you, they only have the recognition and have more money compared to you. They aren’t superheroes of weight loss.

If you’re still interested on what the celebrities do to lose weight, take Eva Mendes, for instance. This Hollywood bombshell is a known vegetarian in Hollywood with a well-balanced, nutrient-full diet, one which we can take tips off.

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Get Eva Mends’ Hot Bod with a Meat-Free Diet
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Vegetarians are those who have a diet that just includes fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses and nuts, in short, they are into plant-based foods, or we can also call it a meat-free diet. Since there are various types of vegetarians, there are individuals who don’t eat any meat while some eat small amounts of meat or include meat products on their meal.

Vegetarian diets are healthy as it lowers the risk of developing certain diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. However, being a vegetarian demands someone who will guide them on their nutritional intake. The fact that vegetarians remove certain foods in their diet, they have to find ways to put together those missing nutrients by using meat substitute. They’re able to do this by eating a variety of foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, soy products and a lot more. Since vegetarians typically have problems with iron deficiency, vitamin D, vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium, they will require the aid of vitamins or nutrition supplements.

Press play the video below to find out what Eva Mendes’ stands by as well as what she eats to maintain her gorgeous figure.

Get A Body Like Eva Mendes

Celebrities need to work hard to achieve their figures just like everybody else. They’ve got more pressure to look great all the time since they are always being filmed and photographed.

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