Jennifer Aniston still has no issues stripping down for film roles despite the fact that she is 44, and that is precisely what she does in her new film “We’re the Millers.” Playing a hot stripper, she says, needed some extra fitness coaching and dieting.

Jennifer has recently revealed on how yoga helped her have such amazing shape, but she likewise said that it was vitally important for her to monitor what she was eating, particularly when shooting a steamy scene.

Jennifer Aniston Strips in 'We're The Millers' Movie Photo Credit:

Jennifer Aniston Strips in ‘We’re The Millers’ Movie
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So what type of workout did she do in order to tone and tighten her physique into astonishing stripper shape? The answer – Yogalosophy. Yogalosophy is yet another kind of workout developed by Mandy Ingber, which is a combination of traditional toning workouts and yoga. To have her defined muscles, Jennifer’s workout program includes yoga poses such as planks and crescents for about 60 seconds each. Jennifer Aniston’s favorite pose is the tree pose.

In addition, Jennifer is also taking up Budokon, a martial arts style that is an intense workout program using features of meditation and yoga exercises. It is a four-way combination of high-intensity cardio exercise, low-impact techniques, meditative techniques, and strength work, all resulting in lean muscle with no bulk.

Regarding her diet, she said that she took her dieting seriously, and even during her cheat days, she would not allow herself indulge on any fatty foods. Without a doubt, all the efforts paid off as she continues to look absolutely perfect.

Jennifer Aniston follows a high-protein, low-fat diet program and matches her meals with omega-3-rich fish oil. Someone who exercises regularly is aware of the benefits of omega-3 fish oil causing the production of prostaglandins that have an anti-inflammatory effect in the body that is good for the joints when exercising.

Watch the video to know her workout routine, diet as well as her cheat food.

Jennifer Aniston’s Workout For We’re the Millers 

Jennifer Aniston gives some tips to keep a perfect shape if you can’t work with personal trainers or nutritionist:

  • Strength Training

It can help in increasing the tone of muscle and is thought to be good for bones, and it also burns up more calories. You can opt for resistance band, weights, or Pilates in your fitness regimen at least twice a week.

  • Workout Strategies

With a tight schedule, you can still get some exercise with no equipment needed such as stretches, crunches, squats yoga, or lunges in your routine.

  • Include Fish in your Diet

Include in your diet some omega 3- rich fish because it works well for managing the weight, enhancing the hair and skin.

  • Love your Food

If you are in the mood to eat your favorite food, do not stop yourself. Eat anything you like as long as you make a commitment to work out the next day and get strict on your commitment.

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