Exercise is a fundamental part of overall fitness. It helps keep our weight at manageable levels, strengthens our muscles and on top of that, it will keep our immune system in good health. Exercise can lower blood sugar as well as blood pressure levels and boost the immune system.

We are all aware that exercise strengthens the immune system, so shouldn’t we keep on exercising even if we are sick? The answer is: it depends.

Is Exercise Good for Those Who are Sick? Photo Credit: veganbodyrevolution.com

Is Exercise Good for Those Who are Sick?
Photo Credit: veganbodyrevolution.com

Moderate-intensity workout improves the circulation of the body’s immune system cells. Working out moderately and regularly can lower your risks of getting sick. When you are sick, however, working out may do more harm than good, specifically intense workouts. Strenuous, prolonged exercises basically stress the immune system and that is why marathon runners are more prone to sickness after a marathon. Since the body’s immune system is working overtime to combat viral invaders when you are sick, stress must be avoided.

On the other hand, low to moderate intensity exercises such as walking benefit you when you have symptoms of the common cold.

Here’s an article on fitsugar.com that discusses the risks of working out when you are sick:

In most cases, exercising must be postponed if you have flu. In addition, if you are feverish, achy, and exhausted, you need to take some rest; your immune system is stressed out and even just a little workout may affect its ability to combat illness.

There is one important thing to remember in working out when sick – exercise within your maximum limit when you’re sick. Though you need to keep your fitness levels, you should not over train.

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