If want to lose weight, it is usually a breeze to get tempted by unhealthy dietary fads that only sabotage your hard work and efforts. However, if you would like to achieve success at shedding weight, you must avoid gimmicks and fads. The best way in losing weight and maintain it is the healthy way.

A fad diet slows down your metabolic process over time, and they’ll make you tired and cranky, aside from any other health problems you might experience if you go along with such diet plans.

Avoid Fad Diets Photo Credit: healthmeup.com

Avoid Fad Diets
Photo Credit: healthmeup.com

So, how will you know if the diet plan that you would like to follow is a healthy one or if it is a fad? To make it easier for you to follow only sustainable, healthy diet plans, below are some things you have to consider; these things can tell you if it is a fad diet.

It Promises A Quick Fix

In a healthy diet plan, you will probably lose 2-2.5 pounds per week. When the diet promises that you’re going to get rid of a lot more weight than that, you may expect that it’s a fad diet.

If it claims that you will lose 20 pounds in just one month, then better think twice. It is extremely unsafe and unhealthy to follow along with such diet programs which encourage a quick fix. If you would like to shed weight permanently, you need to stick to a more reasonable meal plan.

It is Very Low in Calories

When the total consumption of calories is below 1200 calories each day, you should recognize that it is a fad. No one can make it through on only 1000 calories each day. Everything that may happen on this type of low-calorie diet plan is your body will think it is in hunger mode, and it’ll keep your excess body fat and begin to lose muscle. Your metabolic process may also be slowed down if you stick to such low-calorie diets and you would need to consume less food to keep your weight.

Concentrates Only On One or Two Food Groups

Fad diets like to incorporate just one or two recommended food groups and would absolutely eliminate the other essential food groups that you have to be healthy. Therefore, if it just includes protein or cabbage, it is without a doubt a fad diet, and you have to avoid them. Your system needs all of the recommended food groups to function well, and that will help you slim down.

Uses a Catchy or Weird Name

The cabbage diet, the soup diet, as well as, any other bizarre-sounding diet will certainly be considered a fad. Healthy diets do not need strange names that will help you drop some weight. So avoid any funny or strange sounding diet, regardless of how promising it may sound.

The Diet is Extremely Unhealthy

Any diet plan that is quite low on calories and with a small number of food groups is extremely unhealthy and most likely to be a fad diet. Never compromise your wellbeing for losing a couple of pounds. Instead, stick to a sensible, healthy diet plan for the great results.

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The Dangers of Fad Dieting

So, the next time you opt for a diet plan, you can possibly make sure that you simply avoid fad diets, simply by checking out this useful list. Carrying out a healthy, calorie-controlled diet plan and working out regularly will help you lose weight.

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