There is a myth that to stay in shape and get fit, you have to have expensive equipment. However, did you know that you can shed weight and burn fats simply by performing a workout on the stairs? By just using the stairs at home or perhaps any stairs, you can strengthen your lower body and have a good cardio workout that is much better than your regular treadmill workout.

Stair Workout at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp

Stair Workout at Dangerously Fit Boot Camp

Even though many people consider stair workouts, they sometimes think of running along the stairs for anaerobic fitness. Then again, stair workouts can deal with any fitness goals you can think of.  Stairs can also boost energy, flexibility, strength, and conditioning without the need for any equipment, other than your body. Some individuals work with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, as well as heavy vests that are great exercises on stairs, as well.

Stairs give you a wide range of workout options.  Keep it interesting by switching your routine or location and including body-weight movements such as tricep dips, lunges, and push-ups in between climbs.

Aside from that, these workouts are ideal for individuals that have an injury on their back and are incapable of handling the pressure of weight training but want to shape up and get fit. Stair exercises never put a lot of stress on the body similar to that of weight training does, so it’s a lot safer than using weights.

Safety Tips for Stair Workouts

  • Watch your step. Make sure that your foothold is solid.
  • Discontinue if you experience any pain in your knees or ankles.
  • Keep in mind to put on sneakers that have good ankle support.
  • When performing stair hops or lunges never allow your knees extend over your toes.

Here’s a video guide to get you started…

Get a Better Workout by Hitting the Stairs

As with any fitness regimen, always have a safe and efficient warm-up, at least six to eight minutes. Don’t forget to stretch after your warm up. If you feel light headed or faint, just relax, inhale and exhale, drink lots of water, and let your body get familiar with the workout before performing it again. Thus, increase the intensity over time to the level you are after. Keep safe, enjoy and have fun.

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