Weight Loss for Movie Roles

Anne Hathaway had recently been bombarded with questions regarding her controversial weight loss for her role as Fantine in the movie, Les Miserables. Everyone was dying to know how she did it to which she refused to answer, stating that she wouldn’t want to mis-lure other weight-conscious girls into taking a diet that is totally unhealthy and unsafe.

Weight Loss with Fitness Regimen and Proper Diet is Wise

Weight Loss with Fitness Regimen and Proper Diet is Wise

Stars do that. They lose weight or gain weight for the roles they take. Take for example, Matthew Macaunaghey who took great pains in losing 38 pounds for his role as an AIDS victim. There are also stars who gain weight for the same reason. Renee Zelweger worked to gain 28 pounds for every Bridget Jones movie she filmed; only to lose the weight in time for red carpet events following the filming of the movies.

It’s all as risky as it looks. If done without any nutritionist, or even medical supervision, these people would very well be digging up their graves. Health is just not something to play around with.

The danger of seeing their favorite stars drastically lose weight is that weight-conscious fans scramble to find out what diet regimen they took to make it happen. They barely listen to the warnings of the dangers to the health because their only concern is to shed off the unwanted pounds. These people are unwilling to go through the process of exercise and food intake regulation. They want quick solutions.

What fans do not understand is that their idols do not do what they do without the aid of nutritionists and medical consultants. They work on fitness plans and they have a specific timetable for this. Their ultimate plan is not to keep the weight off but to regulate it so that they can go back to their highly-invested-on healthy lifestyles.  The truth behind it is that, on regular days, these movie stars have sane fitness regimens and diet, the same ones that fitness experts and nutritionists recommend to the regular market.

What are the dangers of rapid weight loss?

Weight loss without the right diet and exercise can cause many health complications. This causes nutritional deficiencies that is the very root of many other health problems such as muscle loss – the body will get energy from what it can, and if there are none of the usual source to get it from, it will zero in on the muscle mass and get it from there; there’s also hair loss, dehydration, and gall stones, on top of it. Not to mention headaches and dizziness, constipation, menstrual irregularities and fatigue.

You can read the rest of the story here. Yesterday Miss Hathaway said: ‘I was on a starvation diet to look like I was near death in a film… but I went at it with a plan and I had a guide, a nutritionist kind of helped me with it.’

You don’t want to look “near death” which is what you might lead yourself into if you do not consider working out and taking on the right diet. Weight loss closely guided by fitness experts and nutritionists is the wisest and the safest way to go. Sydney’s leading and Dangerously fit’s nutritionist, Rachel Jones, has come up with an optimum nutrition plan by which the company’s Personal Trainers strictly implement to our members along with the suitable fitness workouts for their physical capabilities.

It might be interesting to note that going about it the right way — exercise and right diet, is also the only way that has proven itself to go for long term.

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