Sunderland’s Boot Camp Training Regime

When playing football, it is crucial to ensure that your body is in good physical shape so it will be able to cope with the strength and tempo of the game. To make sure that your body is physically prepared for an extreme game of football, you have to undergo a set of training program to provide you with the best possible performance all the time.

Football demands players to stick to a specific workout program in order to get them into the highest fitness level. Intense training, such as the proper cardio workouts and strength training exercises make up part of the football players regime.

As for the Sunderland’s football team, The Black Cats, they will be put in a strict one-week boot camp in Italy and will go through an intense training. Their manager, Paolo Di Canio, will fine the player that return for pre-season training more than 2 kilograms overweight.

Let us have a look at what the Sunderland players should expect.

On their first day, they will have a light training session, supervise by Di Canio and his staff along with double workout sessions prepared throughout their stay. Moreover, the players are not allowed outside the hotel through the 5-hour rest period between the double workout sessions.

The players starts their day by having breakfast prior to reporting to training at 9:30am to have a warm-up session with their fitness trainer, Claudio Donatelli, which will last half an hour. The player will start with a warm-up while their fitness trainer corrects their posture, prior to a session of weight training or perhaps a series of shuttle runs.

They will then report back to Di Canio. On a single day, Di Canio will guide them on 3 one-minute laps of the training pitch, spread out with 30-second breaks. Then on the following day, the players will have a shooting practice, wherein they will have to do a series of obstacles before sprinting on the area to shoot, and then the next day will see a set of runs.

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