DESIRE = RESULTSYesterday I was having a chat with a lady on phone about joining our January 6-Week Challenge.

She said she was struggling to find the motivation to get started.

That in the past she’d hired personal trainers, followed diets and joined gyms… and that nothing worked.

I feel for this lady because I’ve seen it so many times before.

We’re told 70% of our results will come from diet and the remaining 30% from exercise.

We’re told that weight loss is easy and all you need to do is… [FILL IN THE BLANK].

The truth is weight loss ain’t easy… it’s simple… but not easy.

Move more, eat less and you’ll get results right?

Bull sh#t.

If it were that easy 63.4% of Australians wouldn’t be overweight.

Here’s what I think….


No one tells you this coz it ain’t sexy and doesn’t sell.

Everyone wants the easy pill… the quick fix that ultimately leads to more frustration and even more disappointment.

So… this begs the question – how do you win the mental game? How do you find the motivation to not only start… but to see the 42-days through till the end?

One word….  ‘DESIRE’.

If you have a goal that inspires, excites and challenges you, you’ll have the desire to achieve that goal.

Motivation is a bye product of DESIRE.

No goal (that inspires you) = no desire = no motivation = no results.

  • DESIRE will get you up at 5.30am to go train even though the sweet seductive voice in your head is telling you to go back to sleep.
  • DESIRE will give you the willpower to say no to chocolate cake, candy, sweet pastries, and other crap that get’s sent your way over the Xmas holidays.
  • DESIRE will give you the strength to do one more push up, one more squat, to run one more mile, to push a little harder today than you did yesterday.

Here’s a fancy lil formula I just created…

An exciting goal = desire = motivation = results.

So… what’s it gonna be for you in 2019?

More frustration, more disappointment, more wasted time?

Or… will you finally achieve the body you DESIRE? 

It’s your choice…. it’s your time.

Danger Dan

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