When you’re overweight, it’s easy to get desperate and resort to whatever means available to achieve quick weight loss. Shrewd entrepreneurs take advantage of this consumer weakness by manufacturing and promoting many different products that are supposed to help burn calories and shed fats.

Other alternatives to weight loss are also being promoted. One such alternative is acupuncture which some Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson and Gwyneth Paltrow are said to have included in their weight loss programs.


Some Hollywood Stars Include Acupuncture In Their Weight Loss Programs Original Image by Marnie Joyce in Flickr

Some Hollywood Stars Include Acupuncture In Their Weight Loss Programs
Original Image by Marnie Joyce in Flickr

How Effective Is Acupuncture For Weight Loss?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese Medicine Approach that has been around since, probably the Stone Age, according to some historical data. Although there have been reports and testimonies on weight loss effects of certain acupuncture treatments, there are no solid scientific bases that support it just yet.

Shape.com published an article on a mom who claimed that acupuncture had helped her trim down the excess weight she couldn’t seem to shake off. She said that part of the treatment she had gone through included needles hooked to a battery inserted on her stomach that sent through electricity,  leaving her abdomen sore the next day.

However, the mom also said that she went for acupuncture for another medical issue, and that the process on weight loss was slow. She recommends to continue eating wisely and exercising and says that acupuncture will not help you lose all the excess weight on its own.

Even in Jennifer Lopez’s case, the acupuncture treatment was only added to a whole fitness regime and was not taken on its own for her to lose the 15 lbs she aimed for. Jessica Simpson’s successful weight loss after her first baby wasn’t solely dependent on the needle treatment either, but was only added to a weight loss program she had undergone.

Here’s a short article in The Times that talks a bit about acupuncture and weight loss:

Weight Loss Bogus Alternatives

Whether or not we can trust what our favourite movie and TV stars are endorsing is still difficult to determine, especially when it comes to diet and weight loss alternatives. In Hollywood, physical attributes matter a lot and what they say about how they achieve and maintain their looks are also news.
Exercise and proper diet is still the best among the natural means for weight loss. Joining a bootcamp may help you achieve your fitness goals much more effectively. It’s fun and it’s a lot motivating because you’re surrounded by people who are just as enthusiastic to lose weight and get in tiptop shape. Register with Dangerously fit and experience the most challenging and exciting way to slim down.