Drinking to Lose Weight

Ever heard of anorexia? Guess you know that it is an eating disorder which causes a person to lose more weight unhealthily. The individual with such disorder may feel very afraid to gain weight, and may eat very little or exercise excessively.

On the other hand, ever heard of Drunkorexia? It is a new term for binge drinking as well as disordered eating. The pattern may come with behaviors such as drinking too much to the point of vomiting in order to purge, limiting calories to save them up just for alcohol, exercising excessively before drinking, or maybe not eating the following day after a night’s binge drinking.

Drinking and Losing Weight with Drunkorexia Photo Credit: www.taringa.ne

Drinking and Losing Weight with Drunkorexia
Photo Credit: www.taringa.ne

The possible harmful effects of mixing up alcohol with purging or undereating are serious, which includes:

  • Trouble concentrating as well as having difficulty in making decisions
  • A higher risk of chronic illnesses associated to high alcohol consumption like liver damage, breast cancer, stroke, cancer of the upper gastrointestinal tract, and high blood pressure
  • Severe alcohol poisoning, particularly in women
  • Poor nutritional level that can cause muscle loss, a higher risk of injury, as well as a weaker immune system
  • Higher risk of having a more severe eating disorder or maybe alcohol abuse problem

Here’s an article from Los Angeles Times:

Drunkorexia: A Behavior That Doesn’t Work, Health Experts Say

‘Drunkorexia,’ or skipping meals to manage your calorie count so you can drink alcohol without adding weight, is faulty and dangerous, experts say…

One cardinal rule of losing weight is limiting alcohol consumption, but can “careful” dieters spike their punch with a little booze and still stand on the bathroom scale with confidence? Can they “outsmart” calories by “trading” them — skipping lunch to enjoy a few beers at the Dodgers game?

In our weight-obsessed world, it is not hard to understand the urge to take a risk on a quick fix, but no loss of weight will probably be worth risking your health. And even though it will take more time as well as patience, exercise and clean eating will work, and at the same time, keeping you healthy and safe.

Always bear in mind that YOU are more important compared to the number on the scale.

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