Depression can cause a person to either lose weight or gain weight. How many women out there have you seen to have suddenly become too skinny or too fat after going through a recent breakup, a disappointment or a loss?

As WebMD clearly enumerates, people who are depressed often display disturbing appetite behaviour, lack of energy and the lack of motivation.

Some people stuff themselves with comfort food in an attempt to gain just a little bit of satisfaction or a temporary “feel good” that never quite lasts. Foods with high sugar content have that effect.

Depression can cause a person to either lose weight or gain weight.

Depression can cause a person to either lose weight or gain weight.

It’s a cycle that can go on for years.

Depressed people also lose interest in many things that they used to do like fixing themselves up or dressing up or being around other people. Because of their condition, their tendency is to consider their food intake the least of their priorities.

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Weight Loss Issues Versus Depression

According to physicians, eating disorders are usually associated with depression. Patients who suffer from low self esteem have issues like anorexia nervosa or bulimia.

But what do physicians do when they encounter a depressed person with an eating disorder?

Edward Abramson, PhD, author of Emotional Eating: What You Need To Know Before Starting Another Diet explains that in treating patients with both depression and eating disorder, the eating disorder has to be dealt with first.

A person will be dealt with in this sequence: Eating disorder, depression, then, weight issues. Those three are individual and separate issues.

Suggested Ways To Fight Depression-Induced Weight Loss

1.Walking Therapy

Walking therapy is helpful for patients experiencing depression. They are asked to measure their steps by counting them. This gives them a small sense of victory which is equated to positive thoughts.

2. Self-Prepared Meals

It is said that when people do things for themselves, it has therapeutic effects. Depressed patients with weight loss issues or eating disorders are encouraged to cook and prepare meals for themselves. This way, they can be forced to be more aware of their food intake, and at the same time, feel good about themselves during the process of doing it.

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