Baby Weight Gone With 6 Hours a Day Exercise

There’s really no secret to her great body, Kate Hudson tells the media that she lost 70 pounds of baby weight from her 2nd son by doing six gruelling hours of exercise a day to get that quality of abs.

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Personal Trainer Ashley Conrad stresses that Kate Hudson did not lose the weight without hard work -exercise and proper diet

Personal Trainer Ashley Conrad stresses that Kate Hudson did not lose the weight without hard work -exercise and proper diet

All the hard work has paid off; Kate Hudson’s svelte figure goes neck to neck with the much younger group of actors on Glee and still manages to look just as fantastic as she had once been before her pregnancy.

Although the actress detoxes from time to time, she admits that taking on a strict diet would have been very difficult for her since she’s from a family that is very fond of food; so she commits to exercise and eating well to maintain her figure.

Kate Hudson’s workout regime consists of Pilates, dancing, running and biking. She laughingly adds that running after her children is also one of her workouts. The actress hits the gym regularly with her husband and caps the day by biking.

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Kate Hudson says 6 hours/day exercise did it.

She gets a lot of motivation from her family because all of them, from her husband to her sons and extending to her mom, Goldie Hawn and stepfather, Kurt Russel are all bike riders.

Kate Hudson’ personal trainer, Ashley Conrad says that one of the secrets of her client’s successful weight loss is keeping herself hydrated. She recommends drinking hot water with lemon three times a day to do away with water retention.

Kate’s trainer is a fan of mid-morning protein shakes and shares a recipe of a third of a banana, half a cup of frozen spinach, a spoonful of raw butter and a bit of cinnamon to taste and adds that for meals, lean protein like chicken and fish should be preferred over any other meat.

Ashley Conrad stresses that Kate’s weight loss does not come without hard work. Among a variety of exercises, she makes the actress do lateral slides which effectively target the legs, thighs, core and burns a whole lot of calories. Kate Hudson pulled back on the length of time she devotes for exercise.

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