Weight loss is now being looked at as a treatment for osteoarthritis patients. Osteoarthritis is a common ailment among middle-aged and older people. However, ageing is not its cause.

The only connection between ageing and osteoarthritis is that, because of the physiological changes of the body as it ages, the symptoms of osteoarthritis become more prominent.

Weight loss can prevent Osteoarthritis

Weight loss can prevent Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disorder. Its symptoms can be experienced in the knees, hands, neck, hips and back which are usually sharp, stinging pains rendered on the person who has it. It is a debilitating condition that have caused many people to lose their ability to walk.

According to Dr. Susan Bartlett, an Associate professor in Medicine at John Hopkins University, there is still no clear scientific indication as to how weight affects osteoarthritis conditions; however, she says that weight loss has helped ease the symptoms among patients suffering from OA.

The only clearly known benefit that weight loss can provide in OA cases is that when a person reduces his weight, there is less pressure on the knee joints. When a person is over her correct weight, there is a tendency to quicken the breakdown of the cartilage because the heaviness pushes down against the joints. There are also indications that obesity influences the circulation system.

Despite insufficient scientific studies to solidify findings, weight loss is being looked at for treatment of osteoporosis.

Here’s an article released by zeenews.india.com:

Does weight loss benefit all OA patients? According to webmd.com, it’s still on a patient-to-patient basis; some cases improve more than others; what is sure is that weight loss can help the patient control the pain. However, the studies on the effectiveness of weight loss in improving the quality of life of OA patients only refer to people who exceed standard weight; otherwise, there would be little to no effect.

OA cases that need surgery are the ones that need to take weight loss more seriously as some surgeons refuse to operate on overweight people because of so many risks.

Weight loss will not only help an OA patient relieve himself of the pain; but because researches on the topic are nearing a breakthrough, it is already being adapted as a cure or a treatment.

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