Weight Loss is a Hard Process

In reality, weight loss is not as easy as deciding on losing it. It’s a process that a person needs to undergo and be consistent in for weeks, months, sometimes, even years. Many people have lost the battle against obesity for a very simple reason: Lack of Support System.

Peers can Aid in Weight Loss

Peers can Aid in Weight Loss

A support system can be one person or a group of people who will cheer you on, encourage you and motivate you to persist in your efforts to lose weight because working out and going through a change in diet can get tedious. It’s easy for anyone to just hang up the gloves and walk away from it all.

First of all, one must understand that a person with weight problems would probably have gone through enough frustrations about it before acknowledging that he needs help. Many overweight people have experienced being out-ed, laughed at, ridiculed or have gone through some sort of embarrassment just because they’re fat. Diana, a 19-year old college student admits to feeling doubly self-conscious whenever she takes the bus because she ends up occupying two seats.  Insecurity is one of the other battles of an overweight person; affirmation from another person is highly needed to regain their feelings of self-worth.

For weight loss to happen, the overweight person needs to give up on a lot of habits that has taken over his life for a long time. Letting go of these things would not be easy especially that overweight people have the tendency to find comfort in them. They need someone to cheer them on, to encourage them and to remind them that letting go is necessary and will be worth it in the end.

As Chris Powell, host of Extreme Makeover and author of the book, Choose to Lose, says that a support system is “one of the main components of transformation. We need contact with other people for motivation, for accountability, for a shoulder to cry on, for emotional support”

This is why Gym Membership is losing to Group Fitness Programs such as boot camps and aerobic programs. People have learned to look for the right people whom they can surround themselves with; people who bear that aura of positivity which they would usually find with people going for the same goals as they are.

Here’s a video clip from Good Morning America which features how celebrities, Kathy Griffin and Joe Jonas have become instrumental in their friends’ successful weight loss:

Kathy Griffin and Joe Jonas Help Friends to Lose Weight

Bootcamps is the best place to find a support groups for your weight loss efforts, at least in the case of Dangerously fit when encouragement and motivation comes from the Personal Trainers themselves and from among the members, as well.

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