Low-calorie diet, in simple terms, is a diet that cuts down the calorie intake of an individual from around 2000 to about 900-1300. This is essential to shed those unpleasant pounds.

Calories are actually the ones that help your body function through the day. If you consume fewer calories, your body burns up fat which has been stored in the body instead of burn the calories you just have eaten. And this is what helps you in losing weight if you stick to this diet.

You must purchase an excellent calorie counter, which will help you identify what foods possess what amounts of calories on them. Always look at the packages of foods you’re purchasing to determine the amounts of calories listed.  Also, check the fat and calorie content.

Remember that cutting down your calorie intake is merely part of the process. Make sure you still aim to eat healthy foods rather than a low-calorie diet packed with junk food. Moreover, do not starve yourself in order speed up your weight loss. It will only lead to sickness and won’t enable you to keep the weight off completely.

As part of a healthy diet, three staples should be present – carbohydrates, fats and protein. Even though you cut down your calorie intake, you have to keep these three in a good balance.

In theory, an individual can lose weight if they follow a low-calorie diet, for the reason that they eat less. However, it isn’t really true in reality. Watch the video to know how to lose weight properly on a low-calorie diet.

How to Lose Weight on a Low Calorie Diet

Ultimately, starting a regular exercise routine is as equally important as your diet. But, you have to consult your doctor first. As always, diet combined with exercise is still best for your weight loss goals.

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