Obesity Affecting Police Officers

Obesity has turned out to be such a big problem in a lot of countries that it is actually affecting our police officers. Police officers have to make sure that they will maintain and have a healthy and fit body even after their academy days. While they get older, the demands of the job can as well become even more challenging and heavy. Other than the physical requirements to carry out excellent police work, a healthy and fit body may also help police officers in getting a great emotional and mental condition. Staying in shape gives them confidence, absolutely necessary when dealing with people.

On the other hand, police officers in Thailand are not only dealing with crimes, they are combating obesity, at the same time. Sixty overweight or obese police officers all over Thailand are joining in a boot camp, which is intended to make the Thai cops into better shape.

The police officers who take part in this training program wear T-shirts that read “Get rid of the belly,” and they will have to exercise from dawn to dusk with some aerobic dance classes, long jogs, tai chi, yoga and they also have lectures from nutrition experts regarding healthy living. Based on the annual medical check-ups of the whole Thai police force, the 5 most typical health problems were weight problems/obesity, high cholesterol, liver problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The boot camp training lasts for twelve days. The policeman who shed a lot of weight at the end of the camp is going to be awarded 5,000 baht or $160 as an incentive.

Check out this interesting article from Miami Herald.

Thailand’s Overweight Policemen Sent to Boot Camp

Potbellied Thai Police Officers Sent to Boot Camp

“BANGKOK – On a break from fighting crimes and handling traffic jams, potbellied policemen in Bangkok are combatting another enemy: obesity.

While not much can be done about the clogged roads, an effort is under way to whip Thailand’s potbellied policemen into shape with the start of a 12-day boot camp this week.”

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For people to rely on the police force, it is very important that policemen are physically and mentally fit. As a matter of fact, having a physically fit body is essential and as well part of the disciplines that each and every police man should follow. That can only be done by ensuring that, regardless of the irregular working hours; they will still have time to head to the gym to exercise. They have to remember, at all times that having a fit body, they will gain respect from the public.

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