Going on a diet is usually in line with the concept of food abstinence – not having or considerably cutting down one or more food groups into your menu. The ultimate ‘weight gain’ causes over the past years were fats and carbohydrates. Portion control eating doesn’t work with abstinence from fats, carbohydrates nor any meals as a way of long-term weight loss. Rather it encourages eating the correct sized servings of these and all of the meals.

If you practice portion control and you exercise on a regular basis you will lose those excess pounds and keep your weight off for good. Photo Credit: www.health24.com

If you practice portion control and you exercise on a regular basis you will lose those excess pounds and keep your weight off for good.
Photo Credit: www.health24.com

Carbohydrates tend to be a ‘mixed bag’ food group. There are actually a good and bad carbohydrates. Highly-processed carbs usually increase levels of blood sugar and at some point cause you to feel ‘down’  after they are processed in the body. Complex carbs contain the most dietary value and trigger appetite suppression. Whole wheat flour and brown rice are types of good carbs, as well as, an important element in any portion control menu, they’ll prevent your hunger much longer.

Moreover, fats are essential for your diet, and that’s why they’re incorporated in portion control menus, but they must be limited to between 20-35 percent of your daily intake – aiming for less than 30 percent. Fats can be found on meats, nuts, dairy, as  well as, oils and being aware of where to get the healthiest fats is vital.

Sugar is natural, and oftentimes they are referred to as sweeteners – as what their names says (artificial). Making use of natural sugars could be more sensible and either source has to be used moderately. Not like most dietary fads, portion control eating isn’t hard to stick to – it is a lifestyle, so there’s a place for the addition of restricted amounts of either artificial or natural sweeteners.

There’s really no solid evidence that these artificial sweeteners really support short or long term weight loss. On the other hand, they could be a helpful way of cutting down the amount of sugar in what you eat, which does result in better weight management. The essential thing to know is that the consumption of real sugar in what you eat isn’t always bad if you follow portion control – unless of course if you’re diabetic or maybe if you have some illness that forbids the intake of sugar.

Regardless of whether you choose sweeteners or sugar, take into account that a lot of sugar-free foods and drinks have empty calories and don’t curb hunger for any sensible time period – they might even result in the opposite effect, which leads you to consuming more calories. Always depriving yourself of the scrumptious and delicious foods and drinks is only going to result in overeating eventually. The answer can be found in the concept of portion control! A little taste of anything calorific is a lot healthier than longer abstinence and then food binge.

There’s simply no replacement for water. Sodas, coffee, tea along with other drinks might be a part of a regular dietary plan, but water can also be important to that plan. Other drinks don’t replace fresh water. All weight loss programs despite their restrictions in some areas will totally agree with this one significant fact. Portion control dieting puts great value in the addition of lots of water daily.

An article from Richmond Magazine tells us a story of a family members who suffered from diabetes, they realized that they have to make some changes in their eating habits.

The Power of Portion Control

[quote style=”boxed”]For years, our family’s hectic lifestyles had us reaching for high-calorie fast foods, with large portions of starch, sugar and fatty meats. Exercise wasn’t part of the equation, and it seemed as if every family event was an opportunity to feast. We all loved white rice and starchy vegetables like French fries with every meal. And water? No thanks, our drinks had to be sweet: sweet tea and orange juice, by the glassful. The term “portion control” just did not exist in our lexicon. Of course, over a period of years, the ounces of fat became pounds.[/quote]

Read the rest of the story here

Whenever you reduce your consumption of calories by smaller food portions, you’ll definitely lose weight. Coupled with exercise, it is a winning combination control! If you practice portion control and you exercise on a regular basis you will lose those excess pounds and keep your weight off for good. All without eliminating a certain food group.

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