Rapid Weight Loss Suspected Cause In Football Player’s Medical Results

Star Lotulelei is keeping his hopes pinned on the possibility that his rapid weight loss was the only cause of the heart condition that appeared on his echocardiam results. Lotulelei lost 10 pounds in 2 days. The football player lost his chance to participate in this year’s NFL Scouting Combine that could’ve propelled him to professional football due to the results of the medical examination.

The football star’s echocardiam reflected a “low ejection fraction” which basically means that there’s an irregularity in the amount of blood pumped out of the heart. This, in itself, is not the real problem. It’s the cause of this that needs to be known to determine whether Star Lotulelei is fit to play should agents find the tapes of his plays convincing enough to sign him for the league. Cause could be just a simple virus but it can also have been a hint of a previous heart attack.

Star Lotulelei's Rapid Weight Loss May Have Cost Him His NFL Chances

Star Lotulelei’s Rapid Weight Loss May Have Cost Him His NFL Chances

Rapid Weight Loss Stresses The Heart

To understand the connection between weight loss and the heart, one needs to understand the function of the heart.

The heart is the source of the blood supply for your entire body. The blood flow is where the body gets the oxygen and the nutrients it needs to function properly. When a person goes on a crash diet that has less than 1,100 calories in a day, the heart gets stressed because of its natural function of providing the right amount of nutrients to the rest of the body. Inadequacy of vitamins and minerals causes hypertension and other congenital illnesses.

Preventive Weight Loss Measures

Balanced diet of Fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts are suggested for preventive measures.

Here’s what the story on Star Lotulelei on nfl.com says:

Lotulelei’s 10 Pounds Weight Loss Could’ve Caused Heart Irregularity

Combine doctors also told Lotulelei that his condition is not unlike that of defensive end Frank Alexander, who was selected by the Carolina Panthers in the fourth round of the 2012 draft.

USA Today Reported Monday that the hope is Lotulelei’s heart irregularity was the product of dehydration, high sodium intake or rapid weight loss. Lotulelei shed nearly 10 pounds in three days leading up to the combine.

Star Lotulelei went back to Utah for further medical tests. Whether or not weight loss was the cause is yet to be known.

Crash diets and fad diets cause more harm than anything. The human body is not designed for drastic weight loss; there is a healthy, safe way to go about it. It is best to consult fitness, nutrition and medical experts before getting into any weight loss regimen.

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