When Exercise Becomes Unhealthy

As we all know, exercise is beneficial to us. It helps us get fit, improves our cardiovascular health, and it is great for losing weight. The question is: Is there such thing as too much exercise?

Too much exercise can be harmful instead of beneficial. Like many good things, working out must be done in a good way while not overdoing it. With regards to working out, a lot of people adopt the idea that more is much better. The problem is we are always advised to work out much harder to shape up our bodies and lose weight.

Like any other habits, exercise could be an obsession as a result of an addiction to the sensation caused by the release of endorphin. If taken past an acceptable limit, it can go from being a habit that can prolong our life to one that threatens to shorten it. On the other hand, like many things, too much of a good thing can be harmful. Exercising too much may affect not only your body, but also your psychological health, your social activities as well as other facets of your life.


Over exercising is a physical and psychological condition that happens when the capacity and level of an individual’s exercise surpasses their recuperation capacity. This means that, if a person works out a lot and does not give ample time to recover prior to the next workout, their health essentially declines.

For the ordinary person, 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise, 3-5 days a week will lower the risk of health problems, sustain the health, and improve overall well-being. To optimize results, you have to combine flexibility and strength training into weekly workout regimen. Experts recommend strength training 2-3 times a week and flexibility daily. Varying your routines between these three styles of exercise is the answer to achieving overall wellness.

Here’s an account from Aiken Standard regarding the effects of over exercising.

The Effect of Too Much Exercise

HEALTH AND FITNESS: Too much of a good thing

“Is it possible to do too much exercise? Given the fact that most Americans do not meet minimum recommendations for physical activity, doing too much may not seem like a problem. To be sure, the biggest exercise problem most people face is not getting enough. But doing too much exercise can have negative effects.”

Our body does not only need to exercise to be healthier, faster and even more physically able. It also demands rest to recover. If you notice that you are not improving as being capable to run faster or lift more, etc., there is a chance that you have to rest. Taking a break from workouts for a couple of weeks could be the best way to avoid over exercising.

Exercise is a very important thing but too much is not. For an ideal fitness plan to show you how to work out properly, visit Sydney Boot Camp website.