Personal Trainers Recommend Sensible Pregnancy Workouts

Kim Kardashian made it to the entertainment headlines once again when news of her getting pregnant by Kanye West came out. The famous heiress lost no time in hiring personal trainers to help her maintain her figure while pregnant.

Gone are the days when physicians and personal trainers will advise pregnant women to keep their heart rate below 140 and to steer clear of strenuous physical exercises. In fact, nowadays, a woman who had been physically active before her pregnancy are most likely to be given a go signal to continue working out as much as she had before.

Swimming, jogging and walking are recommended by personal trainers for pregnant women

Swimming, jogging and walking are recommended by personal trainers for pregnant women

However, a pregnant woman must still keep in mind that her body has adapted some changes that fitness experts say she’ll have to take mindful note of.

For instance, a pregnant woman’s blood volume would have increased by 50%, therefore, the heart is subjected to work twice as hard to circulate the blood. Also, the carbon dioxide level in the mom is doubled because the baby’s carbon dioxide transfers to the mom. This causes the pregnant mom to be short of breath often because of her body’s need to lower the carbon dioxide level.

Some exercises might be too tiring for the mom and though, normally, this doesn’t affect anything, it is best to check with a doctor and have a personal trainer around for safety measures.

Physically, the mom’s condition is obviously much more fragile. Personal trainers strongly advise against workout drills and physical activities that will cause a fall and hurt the mother or cause her to bleed. Scuba diving and horseback riding are definitely out of season.

Swimming, jogging and aerobics are three physical activities that personal trainers believe are the most sensible exercises that a pregnant woman can take on to protect both the mom and the babe.

Personal Trainers’ 3 SensibleWorkouts for Pregnant Women


Swimming is the safest workout that a pregnant woman can do. It eliminates the dangers of your belly hitting someone or something hard. The water is like your safety net. A pregnant woman will be able to benefit a lot from swimming because it gets most of the muscles involved in the workout.

Swimming also helps you relax. Pregnant women often have to deal will a lot of physical stress and emotional stress and being in the water will help ease it all up.


Generally, it is safe for pregnant women to jog. It is only unsafe to do so when she has complications in her pregnancy, complications like Placenta Previa.  Otherwise, jogging at a regulated pace is beneficial for her.

As the pregnancy progresses, the challenge increases as well and modifications in the routine might be needed.


Aerobic exercises are good for the heart and for your muscles. The intensity of your aerobic workouts depend on how active you had been before you had a baby. It’s best to consult your doctor or check with your personal trainer if high kicks and jumps are safe for you.

Zimbabwe News Daily has this story on pregnant Kim Kardashian’s hiring of personal trainers:

Kim Hires Personal Trainers for Pregnancy

Kim Kardashian Hires Personal Trainers

Kim Kardashian Hires Personal Trainers

[quote style=”boxed”] London – Kim Kardashian has hired two personal trainers to get her through her pregnancy.

The 32-year-old reality star – who is expecting her first child with rapper Kanye West – is worried she is piling on the pounds thanks to her calorific cravings and has been hitting the gym extra hard in a bid to keep the weight off.

When you’re pregnant, having a personal trainer around is best because then, you have someone more knowledgeable and trained about the impact of these workouts on your condition. When you’re pregnant, your safety and your baby’s is priority over slimming down. You can always get back with your fitness program after you’ve delivered your baby.[/quote]

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