The Parisian Diet, also known as the French diet, is the newest and latest diet program to gain momentum and attention in the dietary world. The person behind Parisian craze, Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, states that it is based on 3pillars which are enjoyment, education and sustainability.

The Parisian Diet is influenced by the French healthy eating habits. It is believed that the French do practice limitation and recovery every time they indulge.

The Secrets of the Parisian Diet or French Diet Photo Credit:

The Secrets of the Parisian Diet or French Diet
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The Parisian Diet program teaches you the secrets of why the French stay slender and slim. And they are all very easy and simple.

The Top 10 Secrets of the Parisian Diet

1. Enjoy your food

2. Take time to eat

3. Size matters

4. Don’t watch TV while eating

5. Be active

6. Stay fresh

7. Drink water

8. React quickly

9. Enjoy cooking

10. Rediscover fruits

Want to know what’s the secret behind Parisian’s looking so slim and beautiful? Watch the video.

Secrets of the Parisian Diet

The Parisian Diet

When you are on a diet, it basically implies restriction for individuals. Instead of getting oneself on a diet, just follow some Parisian habits. Stay away from the unhealthy stuff and indulge on healthy stuff, snack less, reduce your portion sizes, slow down and exercise often.Click here to participate on our challenging, fun, and exciting boot camps.