New ‘Miracle’ Patch for Weight Loss

Think you would do everything just to lose weight? Would you go as far as getting a patch sewn into your tongue for you to lose weight?

A new and unique way to lose weight known as the ‘miracle patch’ reveals that patients shed up to 15-30 pounds within the first month. Nicolas Chugay, a plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills, developed an extremely innovative weight loss tool where a tongue patch is stitched to the tongue and prevents you from consuming solid foods due to how painful and uncomfortable it feels to do so. For that matter, it allows you to stick to a liquid diet.

Tongue patch helps weight loss by making eating painful. Photo Credit:

Tongue patch helps weight loss by making eating painful.
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The patch is a plastic mesh that is made from Marlex, which is almost the size of a postage stamp. Even though the procedure seems painful, you’ll be surprised to find out that its popularity has increase rapidly in Venezuela. The patch is much cheaper in Venezuela, for just only $150, and a clinic in Caracas have recently performed around 900 surgeries per month as of 2011. The reversible surgery alone takes about an hour, and the patient can most likely resume work the following day.

Based on Dr. Chugay’s official site, the surgical procedure has a few negative effects. He reminds the patients that they may experience swelling of the tongue and difficulty speaking following the surgery. For a weight loss extremist, this approach might be well-accepted, but for the rest, they may be apprehensive.

Here’s an account from about the popular ‘tongue patch’ diet.

Lose Weight with the ‘Chugay Tongue Patch’

Tongue Patch Is New Weight Loss Miracle

Surgeries of all sorts are encouraged only as a last resort. Even though the tongue patch might be less invasive compared to gastric bypass or lap band, it is actually a surgical operation.

If you opt to have any surgery, always consult a specialist that has the experience and knowledge about the procedure. Ask for its dangers and risks, talk to previous patients and never hesitate to seek for a second, or even a third opinion.

For me, there is nothing appealing or healthy with this risky weight loss technique. Everybody wants an easy way out, but this is absolutely pushing boundaries. Placing yourself with the discomfort and pain just to lose weight isn’t worth it particularly if it is such a harmful method. Being healthy is usually a lifestyle and this tongue patch will surely push you into the other direction of your weight loss goals.

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