The press is having a field day on “Twisted” actress, Denise Richards. She walked out with her kids to get them ice cream a few days ago and she looked like she’s gone overboard on weight loss. She was just too skinny.

Since obesity is the common topic nowadays, relating it to chronic illnesses and being malnourished, it seems that people have forgotten that the other side of the scale can be just as unhealthy; even more so.

So, how do you know that you’re too skinny?

Here are some of the signs based on what was related by the Medical Director of Child & Adolescent Service at the Eating Recovery Center in Denver, Dr. Ovidio Bermudez, MD in an interview with Fitbie.

Denise Richards then didn't need any weight loss Image by © Glenn Francis,

Denise Richards then didn’t need any weight loss
Image by © Glenn Francis,

Signs Of Too Much Weight Loss

1.You’re moody

Dr. Bermudez says that you may feel a surge of energy when you’re undernourished; and this is because this is the body telling you that it needs nourishment. It is telling you that you need to find food and feed it. Afterwards, it would be bogged down by a feeling of anxiousness, depression or fearfulness.

2. Your joints appear too large

When the bones of your knees, elbows, knuckles, or your shoulders are protruding, it’s an obvious sign that you need to slow down on the weight loss routines and start packing back up.

3. Dry and wrinkled skin

Since the bones mass is affected, so will your skin sag and appear wrinkled because the bone can no longer give it enough support.

4. Reproductive Repercussions

When your body is under or malnourished, it may affect a woman’s reproductive capabilities. Menstrual periods may cease and the body would need proper nourishment to make it function as well as before.

5. Insomnia

Excessive weight loss leads to insomnia and empty stomachs will keep you awake all night.

Here’s an article on Denise Richards unusual weight loss on The Sun:

Denise Richards’ Weight Loss Causes Alarm

Weight loss isn’t always good, especially when it means putting your health, or even life, at risk because of it. Besides, being too skinny and unhealthy also sets a person up for the very same chronic illnesses we’re fighting against when obese, such as heart attack, diabetes, anaemia and lowered immune system.

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