Weight Loss Can Go Beyond the Wedding Day

Weddings are interesting avenues for fitness. It’s probably one of the best causes that start people off dieting and exercising. A quest for weight loss often begins with vanity, but with a push to the right direction and a few lessons on perspective, people realize how important it is to stay fit and healthy even after the big event.

People continue with their weight loss regimen after their wedding

People continue with their weight loss regimen after their wedding

One article about a fitness bootcamp had the owners saying that they seek serious weight-watchers and not just some girl wanting to lose a few pounds to fit into her wedding gown. But bootcamps have such great motivational environment; most people who signed up to lose weight for a wedding event find themselves coming back for more of the grueling workouts. It actually taps the potential of developing a vanity goal into something much more than just about the dress. Given the right Personal Trainers, people get educated about the importance of fitness and a productive lifestyle.

Thelma from Nashville signed up for a fitness bootcamp in early January to prepare for her daughter’s wedding before the month ends. A couple of weeks later, she posted a photo of her before and after picture and she looked amazing. She claims to feel amazing, too. Losing weight with the right fitness regimen coupled with a good diet has that effect on people. It increases ones energy and develops endurance which are two things a person can’t miss. You don’t only see that you look good, you feel good, too.

Before the month ends, her daughter will be wed and Thelma would be able to button up the jacket she had bought. But because she had experienced the benefits of going through the fitness bootcamp, she plans to sign up again even after the big day is long gone.  Her post on Facebook was filled with compliments and encouragement for her extraordinary feat and she had influenced quite a number of people to exercise and diet, too.

Here’s a part of a story told by Liverpool Echo about a couple who made a weight-loss vow and fulfilled it:

Surprise Wedding After a Successful Weight Loss

“Andy has always been big, even at school. He had never tried to lose weight.

“He didn’t join the club, but he started doing it with me. And it was lovely that we could support and encourage one another.”

Soon their bad eating habits were a thing of the past.

Read more about the story here.

Weight Loss improves your mobility, prevents diabetes, regulates your blood sugar level, reduces the risk of incurring heart diseases and is said to have positive effects on your sex life.

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