Move over Power yoga and Bikram yoga, the newest craze in yoga that has become an overnight sensation all over the world is the aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga. If you find yourself bored and tired of monotonous workouts, this form of yoga could have been developed just for you.

Aerial Yoga is developed by a dancer and a former gymnast Christopher Harrison, aerial yoga offers a workout that lets you stretch and at the same time, strengthen without over-straining your joints or perhaps compressing your bones.

The main element of aerial yoga is the hammock, which works as the support system. When making use of the hammock, you will be able to turn upside down and hang suspended in the air. The hammock is capable of supporting the hips for forward and back bends. It serves as your seat for almost any range of variations on the ab crunch. It can also be looped around your foot while you stand on foot for variations of king dancer and standing big toe position.

Aerial Yoga: Latest Fitness Craze Photo Credit:

Aerial Yoga: Latest Fitness Craze
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Aerial Yoga movements come from calisthenics, Pilates and dance together with yoga. It is usually performed in a yoga swing, which is typically made out of materials utilized in hammocks. The fabric is somewhat stretchy, and a lot of yoga swings include padding for the lower back if you are inverted or sitting in the swing. The swing helps you in your yoga poses, which means you will be able to select how beneficial or difficult your practice is. You can perform full yoga routines such as Sun Salutations, or perhaps you can select single poses such as inversions, to enjoy their amazing benefits and shed weight.

Moreover, aerial yoga is perfect for doing supported inversions, and for increasing and building your core strength. You’ll gain more strength and flexibility from the upper and lower body. If you opt for a more intense practice, you are going to burn a lot more fat and calories on your workout, hence resulting in more weight loss because the muscle mass starts to replace unwanted fat. Another great benefit of aerial yoga is an improvement in body awareness that helps you keep much better form as you practice aerial yoga, as well as any other workouts to shed weight.

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This form of yoga includes significant health benefits. It gives a workout that enables an individual to stretch and at the same time, strengthen the body without over-straining the joins or perhaps compressing the bones.

If you have health problems like arthritis, high blood pressure and glaucoma, it is better not to go for aerial yoga. You have to consult your doctor prior to performing any kind of new exercises.

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