Utilizing Social Media may Help With Weight Loss

For some of us, one of the difficult things to achieve is weight loss. Many people have tried their very best to find ways to lose weight, and at the same time stay fit and healthy. In this day and age, it is extremely difficult to ignore the existence of social media in our day-to-day life. Social media can get a bum rap, but for all of its perceived negatives, when social media is utilized as a tool, it can be significantly useful. So, how do these social media link with fitness (losing weight specifically)?

The Benefits of Using Social Media in Weight Loss

The Benefits of Using Social Media in Weight Loss

You can benefit from social media by creating an online accountability group with your friends or family, and one of these is Facebook. Through Facebook, you can create a family challenge weight loss or you can even create a fitness page. You can make it private, closed group or public where members of your family or your friends can list their goals and give you update on their fitness and weight loss progress. The primary objective of this page is to motivate one another in getting healthy and staying fit. It is more fun, challenging, and an excellent way for you to keep each other in contact as well as accountable all through this process.

When you see your friends, family, or even a stranger on social media like Twitter, Facebook and the like who are working out, heading to the gym, sharing their stories on how they lose their weight or get rid of their health conditions, it encourages and inspires you. It does something to you. It can transform and change you, even just a little bit. Then eventually, you will realize that you can also do it. That if they can lose that pounds, why can’t you?

When you start interacting and following with health experts, fitness, experts, nutrition experts, or just other person same as you who are making health changes on social media sites like Twitter, you can’t help but be influenced by them.

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Here’s a useful and interesting article from Elizabeth Palermo of www.foxnews

How Twitter Affects Weight Loss

The Twitter diet? Social media may aid weight loss

“Twitter might actually help people lose weight. A recent study shows that dieters who use Twitter as part of a mobile weight-loss program are more likely to shed pounds than those who don’t use social media.”

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