I love training with the Aqua Ball, it’s like a kettlebell… but even better.

You have the ballistic element, PLUS, the instability of the water moving inside the ball.

This strengthens your stabiliser muscles like nothing else.

Strength + stability + mobility = durability.

Durability is your body’s resilience to injury,

Incorporating these 3 vital ingredients into your training will build a strong durable body your future self will thank you for.

Here’s an Aqua Ball AMRAP workout for you to try.

Power through as many rounds of the following exercise as possible in 18-minutes.

  • 30 x Swings
  • 25 x Rack squats
  • 20 x Side Clean
  • 15 x Rotational Press
  • 10 x Snatches
  • 5 x Push Ups