Exercise is not a common interest among teenagers, despite all the teenage-oriented shows depicting varsity players and cheerleaders. Gym is not exactly a popular subject among them, seeing it as just an avenue to show how physically unfit they are. Most teenagers would shy away from physical activities if they could.

What’s a typical teenager like? Nowadays, it’s all about the internet and the continuing evolution of gadgets. The most action a teenager sometimes get is getting up and heading straight to their gadgets to check on the updates on their network sites.

Teenagers need to exercise CC by FBellon,flickr.com/photos/55158656@N06/

Teenagers need to exercise
CC by FBellon,flickr.com/photos/55158656@N06/

Fast food is also big with the youngsters nowadays. Fries, burgers and milkshakes usually make up their favourite meals – and they’ll have them mornings, noon and night time if there are no adults to intervene.

And if these weren’t unhealthy enough, teenagers also try out a variety of things such as smoking, drinking and staying up all nights.

But most adults who went all out during their adolescent years will attest that these bad habits will catch up on you as you grow older. Medical researches back that up with studies showing that teenagers who go through the typical unhealthy phase may suffer from chronic illnesses earlier than the generations that came ahead.

Here’s an article on krmg.com:

No Exercise And Bad Diet During Teen Years May Cause Early Heart Problems

Nothing had been said on why the illnesses may affect them earlier, but young adults now better start taking their health seriously. The good news is, studies have shown that exercise can reverse many of the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The following may convince teens to exercise and shift their lifestyle early on:

1.Whether you walk or run, you lose 100 pounds for every mile.

Exercise isn’t all that hard to start on. You don’t have to force it by suddenly signing up for a gym or fitness program, although that can be good if you can sustain it. For the meantime, start with little. Walking home everyday goes a long way.

2. Dancing is a good cardio exercise.

The truth is that, the amount of calories you burn for every physical activity depends on the intensity you put into it. If you like partying, you might as well make the most of it by dancing the night away.

Why not go all out? Swing those hips, lift those arms and try all the cool moves.

3.  Smokers stink.

Seriously, smokers stink even when they’re not smoking. It’s not just because the smoke stuck to their clothes. Nicotine goes into your system and when you’ve been at it for awhile, your sweat will start smelling like tobacco.

You know what they say that smokers are walking ashtrays? Yep, that’s just about whole truth of it.

4. Alcohol will age you faster.

There’s this app that was featured on CNN that inputs the amount of alcohol you consume and calculates how you’re going to look in 10 years. Alcohol drinkers who agreed to try the app during the trial run were aghast when they saw how they were going to look. Some swore off alcohol right then and there.

5. Burgers, fries and sodas sneak up on your hips and waistline.

And it will take a lot of work to get the pounds off.

It’s easy to take your heath for granted when you’re young, but times are changing and exercise is no longer un-cool. When it feels like it is, google Channing Tatum, Britney Spears or whoever you think is hot in Hollywood and you’ll see, even they need their workouts.

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