Ariana Opens Up About Her Weight Loss

If you want to find out who is, by far the most asked about personalities on the internet — on top of Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus — simply Google Ariana Grande.

For those who have followed Ariana Grande for a time, you might have seen and noticed that she has shed lots of weight.

Her remarkable weight loss has gotten many fans worried and concerned, not to mention speculation of anorexia began circulating.

Is Ariana too skinny?

Ariana Grande on BillBoard Music Awards Photo Credit:

Ariana Grande on BillBoard Music Awards
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The adorable singer, actress, and dancer play the role of Cat Valentine on the popular show ‘Victorious’ of Nickelodeon and her first single, which is “Put Your Hearts Up,” currently had a massive debut on the charts. Moreover, she also has over 1.2 million followers on Twitter, at the same time.

At only 19 years old, she has taken Hollywood as well as the Internet by surprise. However, with all of this fame and popularity, we appreciate that she has this kind of healthy attitude in regards to her body image and everything about fitness.

According to her, so many young girls have an eating disorder because of an out of shape physique and low self-esteem, and in order to overcome such, it is essential for girls to love themselves and to take care of their bodies with due respect.

Here’s an interesting article from Rebecca Macatee of

Ariana Grande Addresses Eating Disorder Rumors

Victorious Star Ariana Grande Slams Eating Disorder Rumors, Explains Healthy Weight Loss

Eating properly, regular exercise, and loving herself all the way is the reason why she makes a good example for teens especially to the young girls. Below are Ariana’s fun fitness secrets.

1.  She enjoys doing elliptical workouts to Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj music.

2.  Her new fave activity is hiking. She jogs every weekend.

3.  She makes use of dance rehearsals being her aerobic workout.

4.  She meditates each and every day.

5. She gets a lot of exercise running after her puppy on her backyard.

6. She believes that coconut water is the best drink on earth.

7. Salmon is her fave healthy dinner.

8. Her fitness role model is Madonna.

9. Cashews and almonds always keep her energized during the day.

10. Her philosophy on fitness consists of all things healthy. Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, exercise regularly and meditate.

Always keep in mind that you do not have to lose weight just because other people makes a comment with your looks. Some people are really cruel, but people have a unique body form and structure. As long as you are satisfied with your weight and are also within the normal range for an individual of your height and age, then most likely that the rude comment is coming from different issues, not because you really do have to lose weight.

Best of all, be happy and contented with yourself and follow a healthy diet, and exercise regularly so that you don’t have to worry about losing weight.

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