When it comes to celebrity fitness, Pink is always never far from thought. She just has one of the hottest bodies in the Music Industry. That this singer takes her personal training seriously is evident in her toned body, losing an amazing 55 pounds after giving birth to Willow and back in shape to go on tour for her new album. How does she do it?

Shape Magazine asked Pink’s Former Personal Trainer, Gregory Joujon-Roche,  (more known to have conditioned Brad Pitt for his role as Achilles in the blockbuster movie, Troy), for some of the workouts that he did with the singer during the 6 years of training she had with him.

Pink's Personal Training helped her lose her 55 post-baby pounds

Pink’s Personal Training helped her lose her 55 post-baby pounds

Pink’s Personal Training Style

According to Joujon-Roche, Pink likes them workouts fun and loose. She goes high energy workouts and enjoyed a mix of cardio, martial arts, and toning and strengthening exercises. This rocker chic loves to sweat it out and she times it at 1 hour and 30 minutes of complete body workouts for 5 days in a week.

Pink also loves the outdoors. Workouts with her mean a lot of running, hiking or any high energy activity that can be done outside the gym.

Pink’s Golden Attitude To Personal Training

Pink is currently training under Juillian Michaels of the “Biggest Loser” fame and creator of “Bikini Bootcamp”, Jeannette Jenkins; but according to her former trainer, Joujon-Roche, she was a gem to handle.

Pink is always willing to try out new things and values her personal training. She good-naturedly says of her current trainers that she doesn’t know who is stricter, and adds that she tells herself that if she wants to have the butts that they have, she has to work really hard.

When it comes to her current diet, it’s best to read this article on Sunshine Coast Daily:

Pink’s Personal Training includes meals from Freshology

Here’s a video of Pink during a photo shoot for Shape Magazine:

Pink shows off body, result of her personal training

A few more things that we can learn from Pink’s Personal Training

According to personal trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche, here’s what we can learn from Pink’s workout and conditioning.

Basics of Pink’s Personal Training

1.Make a commitment

Plot out your schedule and commit to the workout that you feel would be best your schedule. Establish a goal.

2. Once you have established a goal, don’t mess with it any longer.

Work for it and work hard.

3. Re-evaluate your goals and your fitness plan every two weeks.

Adjust or tweak if necessary. Personal training must allow a certain amount of flexibility.

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