The Effectiveness of Partner Exercises in Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Fitness bootcamps are proven highly effective, not only because of the challenging exercises, but also because having people around to do these workouts with is a great motivational factor.

Partner Exercises Effectively Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Partner Exercises Effectively Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Personal Trainers have become more creative in terms of the exercises and physical activities that they let their clients do, recognizing that partnering with someone else benefits the people doing it and contributes to their fitness success.

Many of these partner exercises make use of medicinal balls, resistance tubings and bosu balls and body weight.

Having a partner to do workouts with raises the accountability bar a bit higher since you know that someone else is counting on you to be there on time and to give it the best you’ve got so that you both can maximize the benefits of the workouts that you do together.

Partnering helps take your focus off the difficulty of the workout because there’s a fun element mixed with it. Admit it, exercising alone tends to be boring even if you’re using the most advanced equipment. The temptation to give up is so easy to succumb into. However, having a partner can make you look forward to the next challenge.

Some of the fun and effective partner exercises are the mid-row tubing workout wherein you and your partner hold both ends of the twisted tubing while squatting; the lunge and chest pass wherein you pass on a medicinal ball to your partner as you lunge forward; the partner sprint and roll which is a ball-kicking activity and the bodyweight squat. To perform a body squat, partners must face each other at arms length, gripping each other securely and going down on a squat together.

Here’s a video on some really great partner exercises you can start with:

If working out on your own isn’t helping you achieve fitness, maybe doing exercises with a partner just might do the trick.

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