Deadlifts happen to be known to get a negative connotation because of the danger it entails. A lot of people often hear that the deadlift leads to the most injury. That may be the case, when the exercise had been misused and not executed properly. When proper form along with the required precautions is taken, the deadlift can offer a number of advantages to the exerciser. There are many reasons why it needs to be incorporated in your workout.

Deadlifts is a great exercise for targeting the lower back. Having a solid lower back is vital in avoiding lower back pains. Our lower back is often beaten in daily movements like sitting, walking, bending and the like. Therefore, it is vital to have a strong lower back, as well as, posterior chain to do these daily activities. Incorporating deadlifts every week might help build such posterior chain muscles.

Incorporating deadlifts into your routine can help build total functional and overall strength. Photo Credit:

Incorporating deadlifts into your routine can help build total functional and overall strength.
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Apart from being a great exercise for your lower back, deadlifts likewise work on your core area – obliques, abdominals, as well as, your transverse abdominus which completely form the entire abdominal wall. Similar to the lower back, it too is part of daily activities and should be strong to take care of your body when carrying out movements. Some abdominal exercises show good results, but in comparison to deadlifts, it leaves them within the dust.

What’s also advantageous regarding deadlifts is definitely the way they could work a lot of muscle groups simultaneously, right from the start of the movement towards the end. Abdominals, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, triceps, biceps and shoulders all work together to perform the movement. Hardly any other exercise targets these groups of muscles the way in which deadlifts do. So if you’re searching for a movement that can provide you with a great burn and target your entire body, deadlifts has to be always in your workout routine.

In addition, if you want to lose a lot of calories, deadlift is the answer. The amount of energy needed to carry out deadlifts is on an amount of its own. It requires a lot of effort when carrying out the deadlift as pointed out above, all of the groups of muscles working together demands an intensive amount of effort and energy to do the movement.

Here’s an article published from The Huffington Post regarding the importance of deadlift:

One of the Most Underrated Strength Exercises You Can Do

[quote style=”boxed”]The deadlift is a very simple exercise that basically involves picking a barbell up off the ground and setting it back down. It’s a bit more involved than that — most everything is. And despite the fact that some fitness chains have decided to sell memberships by making fun of it, the deadlift is one of the most basic and useful strength exercises in the gym.[/quote]

There’s a lot more reasons, but these are some of the benefits that deadlifts provide in terms of significance. Incorporating deadlifts into your routine can help build total functional and overall strength. Deadlifts could be carried out a few times in a week, but it is advisable to limit it to two as they possibly could take a lot from you.

Although the deadlift is an excellent movement, it is also harmful otherwise done properly. For starters, you have to begin slowly and if possible, get the services of a personal trainer to assist you.

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