water_during_rain-12190Thanks for coming down to boot camp in the rain this morning, it’s always good to get a workout done on Monday to set you up for the rest of week.

For those of you who didn’t make it down to training this morning, below is a workout you can do this evening to make up for it.

Also thanks to everyone who filled in the recent survey, we had a lot of interest for both a running analysis workshop and a discussion with a dietitian… we’ll be sending out more details on this later in the week.

We have sun forecast for the rest of week so I’m looking forward to seeing you all down at training for the rest of the week, no more excuses about the weather!

In this workout we’re gonna hit all the major muscles and combine it with some high intensity cardio to get the heart rate up. This workout will test you mentally as well as physically.

Give it a try and let me know how you go.

Perform 15reps of each exercise in circuit 1 then sprint for 60 seconds, perform 15reps of each exercise in circuit 2 then sprint for 60 seconds. Rest for 60 seconds and complete 3 more sets.

The Workout:

Circuit 1funny_fitness_kid2-286x300
Spiderman push ups x 15
Jump squats x 15
Reverse crunches x 15

Sprint for 60 seconds (as fast as possible).

Circuit 2
Bodyweight rows x 15
Reverse lunges x 15 (each leg)
Supermans x 15 (each side)

Sprint for 60 seconds (as fast as possible).

Rest for 60 seconds

Complete 3 more sets.

The thing I like about this workout is the reps are kept quite low and we mix up lower and upper body, this way you can crank out the reps quickly without getting too fatigued.

Always keep good form and if you’re not sure about an exercise please feel free to post a question on the forum or ask me after boot camp.

Train Hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit