Much have been said on the benefits of outdoor exercise. Not only is it much more motivating, the sight of trees and the breeze on your face have that effect on people, but it’s also very practical on the pockets. How is this so?

Well, for one, you don’t need fancy equipment to be able to workout outdoors; at least not in the beginning. Besides, nature has a way of providing for the equipment that you need to go about with your exercises.

What Would Make Outdoor Exercising More Fun And Motivating Is Doing It With Other People

What Would Make Outdoor Exercising More Fun And Motivating Is Doing It With Other People

If you haven’t had any experience in working out, that’s okay. First, you need to get up and get out there. Here are some of the exercises that you start on:

Easy To Do Outdoor Exercises

1. Running

Running is a good way to start a fitness regimen. It’s easy and all you need is space to do your running and you’re good to go.

Running is good for the heart. It increases your blood circulation which, in effect, helps prevent the risk of high blood pressure, stroke or a heart attack. And since it works your bones and muscles, it can help prevent osteoporosis as well.

2. Squats

Although squats are relatively easy, you must still make sure that you have the proper posture for this. You may want to ask a more seasoned fitness buff or better yet, approach a personal trainer and ask for guidance.

Squats is a great workout for your legs, particularly your quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. It’s an effective butt-lifter since it works your glutes as well; it helps tighten your abdomen and strengthens your lower back.

3. Tree Press Ups

Basically, a tree press up is a variation of the traditional push up. You’ll need a tree for this or anything tall enough and stable for your body to lean on to.

Push ups will work on strengthening your wrists, arms, shoulders and chest. The physical exertion that tree press ups require increases a person’s metabolism and will help burn calories.

4. Tricep Dips

Obviously, this exercise will help develop your triceps. Find a bench or anything with a flat surface that is as high as a bench to do your tricep dips.

5. Mountain Climbers

You can use the same bench that you used for your tricep dips, except that you’ll have to go to one of the corners of the bench for the workout.

The Mountain Climber is a well-recommended cardiovascular exercise that also helps strengthen your arms and shoulders, works your core and targets your leg muscle groups as well.

Here’s a demonstration of the five exercises listed above and then some:

Outdoor Exercises Demo

A lot of people who do their workouts outdoors are more consistent with their fitness routines. They seldom miss and most often, look forward to their next workout. Studies are being done to determine why outdoor exercising is more effective than indoor workouts.

What would make outdoor exercising more fun and motivating is doing it with other people and with a certified personal trainer who can guide you in your workouts, address concerns and help you track your progress.

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