If you’re presently enduring shin pain, doing shin splint stretches regularly is among the essential things you need to do since these can help loosen the tendons and ligaments around the bone, which helps lessen the pain you are suffering.

The main issue regarding shin splint stretches for lots of individuals is that they aren’t performing it correctly. It is not only crucial that you determine the proper stretches to do, you need to apply them to your fitness program correctly at the same time.

Shin Splints Stretches Photo Credit: www.sportsinjuryclinic.net

Shin Splints Stretches
Photo Credit: www.sportsinjuryclinic.net

The following are some of the things you have to know regarding shin splint stretches.

Perform Only After a Light Warm-Up

Always do a light warm-up before starting to perform the stretches. This is important as it will loosen the joints up to ensure you do not risk pulling something. It has to be a gentle and light stretch to make sure you do not further injure it from physical activity, thus activities like leg swings or perhaps light walking works perfectly.

Hold Each Stretch for About 30 Seconds

Make sure you hold each shin splint workout that you perform for not less than 30 seconds at once. This is important to guarantee that you are receiving full benefits from it and so are actually stretching out the tendons and muscles fully.

When you rush your stretches, you will not notice continuing increases in their length that will slow up the progress you are making. Thus, hold each stretch for around 30 seconds.

Don’t Ever Bounce On Your Shin Splint Stretches

Keep in mind that you should never bounce on your stretches. This is yet another main issue which can cause injuries if you aren’t careful hence do a slow and safe activity instead.

If you need an extra push in order to stretch fully, then you can get someone to gently push on the part of your body you are stretching. In this manner, they’re still able to manage this push, whereas if you are doing it alone, it is certainly an uncontrollable action

Keep Doing Them Frequently

To be successful in your shin splint stretches, you have to do them frequently. If you just perform the stretches once a week or so, this will not be enough if you want to actually see the differences you want.

It is best that you do shin splint stretches at least thrice a week. You can do this at your own home while you are watching TV, after your light exercises, or some other time throughout your week if you have a spare time, even just for 10 minutes.

Here’s a video guide on how you can do your shin splint stretches.

Stretching Workout for Shin Splints

Therefore, always keep these important points in mind. It is crucial that you do shin splint stretches, but it is also vital that you are doing it properly. If you are struggling with shin splints, it is important to know how to treat them properly.

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