Is Taking a Shower After Working Out a Good or Bad Habit?

Exercising is tough, and the feel of the water caressing our tired muscles after an intense workout is extremely satisfying. As you return home after a la vigorous workout, is it a smart idea to take a shower? Most of all is it safe?

Generally, experts recommend that you need to do warm up exercises in order to prepare your body for the potential physical stress. Following that, the workout also has to have cooling down exercises to mark the end of a workout.

A hot shower right after work out triggers smooth flow of blood in the entire body, helping the skin glows and alleviates muscle soreness. On the other hand, cold shower will instantly cool down your temperature as well as your heart rate. Apparently, studies show that cold shower right after workout likewise increases blood flow.

Is Post-Workout Shower Safe? Photo Credit:

Is Post-Workout Shower Safe?
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Cold shower inhibits lactic muscle build up so you will not experience some burn following workout. It also reduces your risk of muscle pain and inflammation due to a vigorous workout.

So, is taking a shower after a workout safe? Not really! There’s one essential thing to do before you take a cold or hot shower – you have to cool down. Cooling down is a basic yet most vital routine in any fitness regimen. Not doing any cooling down routine will mean disaster to your overall health.

Cooling down exercises can help your heart rate normalize, and also your body temperature. Experts recommend a cool down workout for at least 20 minutes for each session of any kinds of workouts. In addition, you do not have to shower right into an icy cold nor a very hot water. Either way might dilate your blood vessels that make you at risk of heart attack and sudden stroke.

However, according to, shower is a must after any kind of physical work or workout as it cleans the body and also it has several benefits. Read more

Know the benefits of post-workout shower

Shower can help aid recovery after a hard session. Aching muscles the day after a hard exercising session, known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), can be prevented by having an ice-cold shower and holding the showerhead directly over the muscles you’ve been working.

Elite athletes will use an ice-bath, but putting your shower on the coldest setting is a quicker and easier alternative. If you exercise daily or more than once a day this is especially important as you can start your next session without being impeded by DOMS, allowing you to maintain the intensity of the previous session.

Exercising is a great way to be fit and get in shape. It is understood that you need to tidy up after a vigorous workout.

However, you have to look at the risk linked to having a shower in a post-workout situation. You have to take a rest for a while before taking a shower to avoid any health risks.

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