Love to exercise? Love music? Like to have fun? Well, you will surely love POUND.

Pound is usually a full body cardio jam session, incorporating light resistance along with continuous simulated drumming. The exercise routine combines cardio, isometric movements, Pilates, Plyometric, as well as, isometric poses to a 45-minute sequence. The workout can burn off between 600-900 calories an hour, sculpt and strengthen rarely used muscles, and drum all the way to a slimmer, leaner body while rocking to your fave songs.

Pound fuses simple to follow cardio movements with drumming and resistance training.  Photo Credit:

Pound fuses simple to follow cardio movements with drumming and resistance training.
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By constant upper body movement utilizing lightly-weighted drumsticks, known as Ripstix, you will become a calorie-burning drummer, beating off pounds as every song flies by. Rap, rock, pop, dubstep and also old-school music combines to produce the Poundtrack series that is hand-picked by music lovers, drummers and also the POUND founders Cristina Peerenboom and Kirsten Potenza

Pound fuses simple to follow cardio movements with drumming and resistance training. This combination will work the whole body, increases the heart rate to some fat burning zone, and causes each movement to be as precise as a simple beat.

Each 2 to 4 minute song is meticulously adjusted with interval peaks along with longer fat-burning series, giving you the best workout in a short period of time. After you are done rocking to the 45-minute Poundtrack, you will do 15,000 repititions, carried out over 30 long interval peaks, and goes through more than 70 techniques without noticing it.

You will really get to hear the body performing, every move producing a sound. Think you aren’t synchronized? Hearing oneself and adapting in line with the sounds you are making will fix that immediately. Would like to get more from your workout? Simply Pound much harder and then listen to yourself get fit.

If any workout routine will work, it needs to be part of your way of life. Pound is a simple routine to follow because it gives instant results, it is more fun, and it allows you to rock out as you exercise! The relief of stress and intense workout felt by Pound-goers will keep them wanting for more.

Here’s an article from Seattle Times:

Fitness with a real beat: The Pound workout

[quote style=”boxed”]YOUR INNER DRUMMER will light up as soon as you’re handed a pair of neon green drumsticks. Resist hitting every available surface at Elite Performance Center as you wait for the Pound Rockout Workout class to begin.

Once class starts, you are free to unleash your drumming talents. And if there is no talent, the music is loud and no one will be the wiser.[/quote]

If you like the concept of such workout, why not give it a try. It could be the workout program that suits you. As always, consult your doctor before starting any workout routine.

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