Good turn out on Saturday at the Tough Mudder class – especially as most people were backing up and doing the City To Surf on Sunday.

This time we headed over the road to Queens Park with a killer strength workout and made the most out of the hills for the bodyweight and cardio segments of the workout.

Here’s it is…

Strength Training 40 mins – working on strength and muscle endurance

Stay on each station for 2 mins
60 Seconds work
15 Seconds rest
45 Seconds work

1. Olympic ring chin ups
2. Wall sit + kettlebell shoulder press
3. Tornado ball slams
4. Dumbbell push up, squat and shoulder press
5. TRX bodyweight rows
6. Tyre flip with squat jump
7. Medicine ball partner russian twists
8. Rope drags
9. Farmer walks
10. Plank and band pull

Here’s some pics…

Boot camp Queens Park
Olympic ring Chin Ups
Plank Band Pulls
Tyre Flips Tough Mudder Training
Tyre Jump Squats
TRX rows

Bodyweight Exercise On The Hill – 12 mins 

1. Reverse broad jumps
2. 30 seconds push ups + 30 seconds dips
3. Walking lunges up hill
4. 60 seconds bicycle crunches
5. Forward Zig-Zag broad jumps up hill
6. Bear crawl up hill
7. Reverse crab walk up hill
8. Plank hold

Cardio 45 mins

Hill sprints & jogging.

This week’s class will be on Bondi Beach at 7.45am, we’ll meet on the sand in front of the skate park – you might want to bring a spare set of clothes this week:)

Have a great day – Train Hard!

Dan Clay
Dangerously Fit