Kim Cattrall Keeps in Shape with Fizzy Yoga – A Fusion of Physiotherapy and Yoga

Generally, exercise is an integral part of healthy living, but in times of injury or illness you have to stop your activity.

Yoga is different from exercise, for the reason that its principles depend on creating balance, freedom, as well as overall wellness in mind, body and spirit. It honors you, no matter what condition you are at the moment, and it requires you to do the same.

It is really interesting to see how yoga has been incorporated with all forms of fitness programs and therapies.  The newest yoga hybrid style is known as Fizzy Yoga, based on Physiyoga.

Physiyoga or commonly known as “Fizzy yoga” is the mix of physiotherapy, yoga, massage along with meditation simply thrilled fitness fans in London and New York.

Fizzy Yoga – A Fusion of Physiotherapy and Yoga Photo Credit:

Fizzy Yoga – A Fusion of Physiotherapy and Yoga
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Fizzy yoga is a form of yoga, which is designed to benefit individuals dealing with health problems at any level to handle their symptoms and condition, regain balance, improve vitality, and enhance breathing.  A physiyoga instructor recommends particular poses, breathing exercises, as well as relaxation strategies to meet individual needs.

Kim Cattrall, the star of the TV series – “Sex and The City,’ is the latest celebrity carrying out this kind of yoga exercise. Kim Cattrall has been doing Fizzy Yoga daily before her acts in ‘Sweet Bird Of Youth’ at The Old Vic.

The 56-year-old star must act out violent fight scenes during the play every night, and has noticed that it is taking a toll on her body. But regular sessions of Fizzy yoga help her remain flexible and relieve her muscle pains. It also leaves her feeling rejuvenated, and it has also improved her posture.

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If performed on a regular basis, the benefits are countless.  Physically, Physiyoga can improve endurance, muscular strength, postural alignment, flexibility, body awareness, digestion, circulation, immune function, hormonal balance, strengthen bones, respiration, stabilize blood pressure and lower or stabilize body weight.  Psychologically, it can boost your alertness, concentration, improve sleep patterns; help reduce anxiety and stress and enhance your ability to relax. The important benefit is an overall health and wellbeing.

Take note: Any therapy program must only be performed under the guidance of qualified and certified professionals.

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