The beach is a fantastic place to go to unwind and relax, but it is also a great place for you to do your exercise routine. There are lots of activities that you can do at the beach, which will offer you health benefits, although they will not look like exercise at all. The sand has an unstable and uneven surface that makes exercising more challenging as your body should work much harder to balance, meaning you will burn lots of calories and provide your body a great work.

Take advantage of the fresh air, the sounds of the ocean, as well as the sand under your feet. Working out at the beach will not require any kind of equipment or machines; instead the workouts can be modified to boost resistance by using jugs or bucket and fill them with sand to become dumbbells.

Exercise That You Can Do at the Beach – Bear Crawl

Exercise That You Can Do at the Beach – Bear Crawl

You can get your beach body using these 3 great moves from PopSugar Fitness, which you can perform in the sand! These workouts are going to tone your legs and arms while also burning some calories.

Lateral Speed Runs

Running barefoot on the sand will let your feet move through their natural mobility that helps strengthen the ankles and feet. Once you start running barefoot on the beach too frequently or too fast, you might get injured. Begin with quick runs for just 15-20 minutes, in order to improve strength in your feet. Progressively add 5 minutes into your barefoot runs while your body adjusts.

Quick Jacks

Jumping jacks are easy, simple and effective and could be utilized as a good warm-up exercise or maybe cardio intervals. This kind of workout can be definitely fun to do! This simple and easy workout needs lots of hard work and effort. This workout is effective in toning the legs, as well as the arms.

Bear Crawl

An excellent full-body workout, this exercise can be done in various ways, but basically requires getting down on your elbows and feet and finishing some distance. The additional advantage of the beach crawl is it sets your core within an isometrically-contracted posture that is perfect for developing core strength.

Fitness at the Beach

Calorie Burning Beach Workout | Arm and Leg Workout. Watch Video Here

You will find several ways to have fun while working out on the beach. If you want to know what beach activities or workouts that is best for you, you can ask your Boot Camp Sydney personal trainer.  So what are you waiting for? Give these workouts a try.

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