Week 1 of the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Challenge off to a flying start on Saturday.

We kicked off the challenge with a cross training workout followed by a 15 minute bodyweight blitz.

The Grey Team won this week’s team game narrowly edging out the blue team in the team relay event.

1 down and 5 to go!

Next week is the Rope Mania… some say it’s the hardest – I say wait to the Dunes on week 5!

Have a great week and we’ll see you all again for week 2 this Saturday!





Week 2 of the 6 week challenge done, and as always a real challenging workout for our transformers.

The session consisted of 60 minutes of team rope training on Queens Parks large rolling hills.

For the 2nd week in a row the grey won this weeks team game with a 200 meter sprint to the finishing line.

2 down and 4 to go… Have a great week and I’ll see you Saturday at the Supahill in Moore Park!





Week 3 of the 6 week challenge done and dusted with a massive workout on the SupaHills at Moore Park.

Over a dozen sprints completed by each transformer combined with cross training for good measure.

The grey team won this weeks team game, making it 3 wins in a row.

3 down and 3 to go, we’re now at the critical 21 day mark… the next 7 days will make or break you – stick with it this week and you’ll be there for the finish.

Have a great week and I’ll see you next week for the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ workout at week 4 of the Dangerously Fit 6 Week Challenge.






4 Weeks into the challenge and we’re now beginning to separate the men from the boys (or girls from the ladies).

A big turnout from the grey and yellow team, but the blues were nowhere to be found (except Claire) – where did the Rushie crew go… has anybody seen them?

Congratulations to the Grey Team who won the game for the 4th time in a row!!

The workout was split into 3 phases; stairs, run and strength… the Cooper Park stairs always offers a challenging workout – perfect preparation for this weeks fat burn class and everybody favourite… the Cronulla Sand dunes!

Yes – this week is the big one, the one you’ve all been waiting for!

If you missed the stairs you can make it up to your team mates this Saturday.

4 down and 2 to go… stay the course transformers – only 2 more weeks!




Week 5 – THE DUNES!

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the Cronulla Sand dunes on Saturday, a great turnout on a chilly late Autumn Saturday morning.

Week 5 is always the toughest session of the 6 week challenge, climbing the huge rolling sand dunes for an hour is a lung burning leg busting killer workout.

But our DF transformers were up to the challenge and hit the hills with determination and spirit.

Well done to the grey team (again) for winning this weeks team game, Brent completed 5 laps the quickest bringing home 5 straight wins for the grey team.

5 down and 1 to go – this week is the last round of the challenge with the final weigh ins and workout at Centennial Park.

See you Soon!




Week 6 – The Final!

Well done to everyone who made it to the final on Saturday, the Dangerously Fit 6 week challenge is more than just a weight loss program… we designed the challenge to change you mentally, physically and to program new habits into your lifestyle that you can continue long after the challenge has finished.

As usual only the most focused and dedicated members finished the 6 weeks, and we had many fantastic results at the weigh in.

A big congratulations to our winners Linda, Becky and Simon… and to the grey team who won the team event with 6 straight wins!

Here are the winners results;
1st – Simon: 18.8kg’s & 16.4% of his bodyweight

Joint 1st – Becky: 6.2kg’s & 8% of her bodyweight
Joint 1st – Linda: 7.2kg’s & 8% of her bodyweight

All this in just 6 weeks! Check back later for the final day workout pics… till next time – Train Hard!

Check out Simon’s results here: